For the past 15 years, RC PARTNERS, is proud to have brought its small contribution to the accountancy profession in terms of staff development, advising clients, investigations of fraud and auditing of financial statements.

Myself, over 30 years of experience, has been constantly devoting to this profession with the ultimate aim to make the world a better place. The world is changing to a breath-taking speed which requires adaptability and agility of the accounting profession. RC PARTNERS understands and prepares itself to meet these challenges. We must be proactive and adopting a strategy of continued improvement in service quality.

Artificial intelligence, climate change and social disruption may be new issues of the day that Accountants should understand and consider in delivery of their professional services. RC PARTNERS, in its advisory role, recommends clients to recognise the benefits of technology and heading them to contribute to global environment and sustainability. Businesses that care about environment and society at large will produce better image of themselves, which in turn will result in their sustainable growth.

Whatever the field of specialisation, RC PARTNERS believe that Accountants should provide solutions to business. Accountants should be part of the engine for growth of business. To achieve this aim, RC PARTNERS invests tremendously in training of its people, adopting up-to-date technology and providing conducive communication environment to clients.

To conclude, RC PARTNERS looks beyond the figures by showing clients the right path to take in this fast changing world.

Thank You.


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